GnuPG 2.1.6 released

Changes in 2.1.6

* agent: New option –verify for the PASSWD command.

* gpgsm: Add command option “offline” as an alternative to

* gpg: Do not prompt multiple times for a password in pinentry
loopback mode.

* Allow the use of debug category names with –debug.

* Using gpg-agent and gpg/gpgsm with different locales will now show
the correct translations in Pinentry.

* gpg: Improve speed of –list-sigs and –check-sigs.

* gpg: Make –list-options show-sig-subpackets work again.

* gpg: Fix an export problem for old keyrings with PGP-2 keys.

* scd: Support PIN-pads on more readers.

* dirmngr: Properly cleanup zombie LDAP helper processes and avoid
hangs on dirmngr shutdown.

* Various other bug fixes.

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This is the GnuPG source code compressed using BZIP2 and its OpenPGP
signature. (2577k)

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