OpenSSH 6.9 released; chacha20-poly1305 is the default cipher now

New Features

* ssh(1), sshd(8): promote to be the
default cipher

* sshd(8): support admin-specified arguments to AuthorizedKeysCommand;

* sshd(8): add AuthorizedPrincipalsCommand that allows retrieving
authorized principals information from a subprocess rather than
a file.

* ssh(1), ssh-add(1): support PKCS#11 devices with external PIN
entry devices bz#2240

* sshd(8): allow GSSAPI host credential check to be relaxed for
multihomed hosts via GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck option; bz#928

* ssh-keygen(1): support “ssh-keygen -lF hostname” to search
known_hosts and print key hashes rather than full keys.

* ssh-agent(1): add -D flag to leave ssh-agent in foreground without
enabling debug mode; bz#2381

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