Install OpenVAS 8 on Debian 8 Jessie

OpenVAS is a framework of several services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solution.

You can find all source packages for OpenVAS here.

first im gonna prepare system for openVAS;

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake bison flex libpcap-dev pkg-config libglib2.0-dev libgpgme11-dev uuid-dev \
sqlfairy xmltoman doxygen libssh-dev libksba-dev libldap2-dev \
libsqlite3-dev libmicrohttpd-dev libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev \
xsltproc clang rsync rpm nsis alien sqlite3 libhiredis-dev libgcrypt11-dev libgnutls28-dev redis-server texlive-latex-base

edited upon Thomas Frederiksen‘s suggestion

download sources;


open packages;

tar xvf greenbone-security-assistant-6.0.3.tar.gz
tar xvf openvas-libraries-8.0.3.tar.gz
tar xvf openvas-scanner-5.0.3.tar.gz
tar xvf openvas-manager-6.0.3.tar.gz
tar xvf openvas-cli-1.4.0.tar.gz

compile sources;

cd openvas-libraries-8.0.3
cmake .
make doc
sudo make install
cd ..

cd openvas-manager-6.0.3/
cmake .
make doc
sudo make install
cd ..

cd openvas-scanner-5.0.3/
cmake .
make doc
sudo make install
cd ..

cd openvas-cli-1.4.0/
cmake .
make doc
sudo make install

cd greenbone-security-assistant-6.0.3/
cmake .
make doc
sudo make install

configuration step;

sudo ldconfig

cd ~ && wget --no-check-certificate &&
chmod +x openvas-check-setup && sudo ./openvas-check-setup --v8

# Create openvas certificates:

sudo openvas-mkcert# NVT feed:
sudo openvas-nvt-sync#SCAP feed:
sudo openvas-scapdata-sync#CERT feed:
sudo openvas-certdata-sync# Generate client certificates:
sudo openvas-mkcert-client -n -i

# Signature checking of NVTs:

sudo apt-get install gnupg
sudo gpg --homedir=/usr/local/etc/openvas/gnupg --gen-key
sudo gpg --homedir=/usr/local/etc/openvas/gnupg --import OpenVAS_TI.asc
sudo gpg --homedir=/usr/local/etc/openvas/gnupg --lsign-key 48DB4530

to help generate a lot of random bytes on another shell:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/500m.tmp bs=500M count=5

or install haveged deamon:

sudo apt-get install haveged

# enable sign check:

echo "nasl_no_signature_check = no" >> /usr/local/etc/openvas/openvassd.conf

#Update portnames:

openvas-portnames-update service-names-port-numbers.xml
rm service-names-port-numbers.xml

# Create admin password:

sudo openvasmd --create-user=adminuser --role=Admin

write down the password

# Set passwd policy
sudo vim /usr/local/etc/openvas/pwpolicy.conf

# install nmap 5.51:

wget &&
tar xvf nmap-5.51.6.tgz &&
cd nmap-5.51.6 &&
./configure &&
make &&
make install

# Start OpenVAS Scanner
sudo openvassd

# Initialize the Database
sudo openvasmd --rebuild --progress

# Launch OpenVAS Scanner as root

# Launch OpenVAS Manager daemon

# Launch OpenVAS Greenbone Security Assistant


configure redis-server with
changes in redis.conf

unixsocket /tmp/redis.sock
unixsocketperm 777
dir /var/dump # create and chmod with root

comment and close below;

#repl-diskless-sync no
#repl-diskless-sync-delay 5
# repl-ping-slave-period 10

connect to website with “adminuser” and the password you wrote down:


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15 thoughts on “Install OpenVAS 8 on Debian 8 Jessie

  1. Great tutorial, thx !
    I just had to initilize the database (eg “sudo openvasmd –rebuild”) to be able to execute “openvas-portnames-update” because it was complaining about the tasks.db file that was missing.

    1. if i copy
      echo “nasl_no_signature_check = no” >> /usr/local/etc/openvas/openvassd.conf to the command-line there is a failure

      bash: Syntax Error unexpected word ‘; &’
      Did anybody help me ??

      1. try with opening /usr/local/etc/openvas/openvassd.conf in editor and pasting “nasl_no_signature_check = no”

  2. If you want to be able to use the PDF report feature, add texlive-latex-base to the initial dependency install list.

  3. Hi Thanks a Lot. If ever you are in Mumbai couple of beers are on me 😉

    btw: I am getting this error-
    Rebuilding NVT cache… failed.

    I tried googling but not yet able to solve this issue.

    1. Hi,
      I’ve got the same issue :
      in log file /usr/local/var/log/openvas/openvasmd.log :

      OpenVAS Manager version 6.0.9 (DB revision 146)
      md main: INFO:2017-01-04 09h45.37 utc:15314: rebuild_nvt_cache_retry: Reloading NVT cache
      md main: INFO:2017-01-04 09h45.37 utc:15315: update_or_rebuild_nvt_cache: Rebuilding NVT cache
      md main: INFO:2017-01-04 09h45.38 utc:15315: Updating NVT cache.
      lib serv:WARNING:2017-01-04 09h45.38 utc:15315: openvas_server_connect: failed to connect to server: Connection refused

      any idea ?

      1. I’ve solve my pb… process openvasmd already running…

        ‘Killall openvasmd ‘
        and then ‘openvasmd –rebuild –progress’

        Thanks for your tutorial

  4. great tutorial but I can never get past the “not enough random bytes available….” even running sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/500m.tmp bs=500M count=5 in another shell gets me nowhere….

  5. Hi folks,
    we use OpenVAS8 with Debian8 on FujitsuServers-RX300S6 with VMware-ESXi5.5.

    Our Problem is:
    The GSA Session closed after 1 hour. Scans starts, but stopped at “1%”.
    How can we change the session-timeout?

    In openvas-check-setup.log are following variables:
    Where can we change these variables?


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