New Generation Secure Mail Providers: Lavaboom vs Protonmail vs Tutanota

Lavaboom is an open source end to end encrypted email provider from Germany

Key Features:
-sleek user interface
-supports 3 languages at interface (english, deutsch, french)
-key-pair management
-export keys as json
-full openpgp implementation
-lavaboom sync to host keys
-yubikey support for premium users (should be for anyone)

Protonmail is a swiss based email provider. All hosting is located at Switzerland.

Key Features:
-Protected by Switzerland privacy laws
-Custom css support
-One domain alias (works with .ch and .com domains)
-Extra box password to reach content (2nd auth)
-Full disk encryption


Tutanota is another Germany based hence they claim to be protective against NSA wiretapping.

Key Features:
-Default Delivery mode
-one username alias also on package (You can use and yournamesomething@tutanota both in one mailbox)
-minimalist, fast interface
-mobile applications
-tutanota means “secure message” in latin


Feature             Lavaboom          Protonmail                Tutanota

SSL (Qualys Degree) A+ (4096bits)     A+ (4096bits)             A (2048bits)

Open Source         Has Github Repo   (?)                       Has Github repo

Key Management      +                 -(an empty tab for it)    -

Encryption          OpenPGP            Aes256 bits (CBC mode ?)  Aes 128 bits

Plans               500mb free         1gb beta                  1gb beta
                    1gb beta                                     5gb promotion
                    2gb kickstarter
                    15gb premium

Final opinions: These European providers has good European laws to hide behind, but they are not generous about quotas. Protonmail has left big questions on my mind when i tried to inspect the code. Protonmail has to be open source it rapidly to earn trust. My Points (over 10): Lavaboom 8, Tutanota 7, Protonmail 5.

I thank to all providers for letting me accept beta programs.